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April 20, 2024 USDA Webinar
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Who We Are

The Alliance for Round, Traditional and Square-Dance (ARTS) is an entity that was formed as a coalition of organizations representing the diverse groups making up the "Greater American Folk Dance". It is an organization comprised of national and international leadership groups from the worlds of Square, Round, and Contra dancing.

Formed as a 'non-preference' coalition, the ARTS will more easily negotiate collaborative projects with groups already working in the dance, leisure, recreation or physical education fields. It presents an attractive and comprehensive 'acronym' (the ARTS) for use in advertising, publicity and public awareness and education programs.

The ARTS will allow for more effective public education of the square dance image and will also function in an advocacy role, representing ALL dance groups directly or indirectly associated with round, traditional, and square dancing.

ARTS Purpose

The ARTS mission is to generate public awareness and promote growth and acceptance of contemporary Square, Round and Traditional Folk Dance by encouraging and assisting a coalition of allied dance groups. The ARTS will provide leadership and resources necessary to create an achievable marketing program. The ARTS will encourage, promote and support healthy lifestyles through dance programs and events that provide fun and effective exercise for both mind and body, all within a unique system of social interaction.

  • To educate the public and promote an improved understanding and image of the multiple forms of their historical dance activities
  • To increase the number of dancers enjoying the activity
  • To assist at club and association level in the process of sharing (recruitment), understanding (dance programs and lessons), and social membership (retention), by conducting comprehensive leadership workshops and training programs
  • To further the coalition's understanding of its new generation of incoming dancers by initiating, facilitating, and disseminating appropriate market research

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