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Alton,  MissouriDate of Information:  1/17/09
Alton Flutterwheels
Contact:  Dan Halliburton
Phone:  573.857.2981
E-Mail:  dbHalliburton@yahoo.com
Club Website:  www.Flutterwheels.SquareDanceMissouri.com

Aurora,  MissouriDate of Information:  10/24/08
Aurora Grand Squares
Contact:  Punky & Spud Attebury
Phone:  417.498.6515
Club Website:  www.Aurora.SquareDanceMissouri.com

Belton,  MissouriDate of Information:  9/13/10
Live Wires
Contact:  Jerry & Dorothy Claussen
Phone:  913.236.4440
Club Website:  www.Wires.WeSquareDance.com

Belton,  MissouriDate of Information:  12/27/08
Son Shine Squares
Contact:  Steve Anderson
Phone:  816.331.2522
E-Mail:  ITBTRR@kc.rr.com
Club Website:  www.SonShine.WeSquareDance.com

Bethany,  MissouriDate of Information:  10/10/10
Two State Steppers
Contact:  Karen Craig
Phone:  660.845.2188
Club Website:  www.Steppers.SquareDanceMissouri.com

Blue Springs,  MissouriDate of Information:  4/30/06
Contact:  Bill Kanai
Phone:  816.554.3591
E-Mail:  BillKanai@juno.com
Club Website:  www.Daytimers.WeSquareDance.com

Blue Springs,  MissouriDate of Information:  1/25/10
Heartland Travelers
Contact:  Marlys & Gene Doerflinger
Phone:  816.763.8754
E-Mail:  Aedmid@yahoo.com
Club Website:  www.HCS.WeSquareDance.com

Blue Springs,  MissouriDate of Information:  02/12/11
Lotawana Sailors
Contact:  Pat & Donna McDonnell
Phone:  816.366.0676
Club Website:  www.Sailors.WeSquareDance.com

Brookfield,  MissouriDate of Information:  11/17/10
Tanglefoot Squares
Contact:  John & Marjorie Krumpelman
Phone:  660.376.2669
E-Mail:  MakJbKrump@att.net
Club Website:  www.Tanglefoot.SquareDanceMissouri.com

Chesterfield,  MissouriDate of Information:  1/3/11
West County Spinner
Contact:  Jerry & Anne Fleming
Phone:  314.469.6218
E-Mail:  j4j8afl@juno.com
Club Website:  www.WestCounty.SquareDanceMissouri.com

Chillicothe,  MissouriDate of Information:  1/16/09
Peppy Promenaders
Contact:  Ellis & Janice Jeffries
Phone:  660.565.2506
Club Website:  www.Peppy.SquareDanceMissouri.com

Clinton,  MissouriDate of Information:  10/24/08
Golden Valley Funtimers Plus Club
Contact:  Ed Schofield
Phone:  660.438.9300
E-Mail:  Sherryl1@iland.net
Club Website:  www.Golden.SquareDanceMissouri.com

Columbia,  MissouriDate of Information:  9/8/10
Tiger Squares
Contact:  Terry & Annette Thornhill
Phone:  573.268.5976
E-Mail:  ThornhillAM@Missouri.edu
Club Website:  www.Tiger.SquareDanceMissouri.com

Cross Timbers,  MissouriDate of Information:  1/16/09
Harbor Lites Plus
Contact:  Jay Wright
Phone:  417.944.2407
E-Mail:  jaywright@wildblue.net
Club Website:  www.Lites.SquareDanceMissouri.com

Eldon,  MissouriDate of Information:  12/26/08
Ozark Whirlers
Contact:  John & Eleanore Stover
Phone:  573.345.4772
E-Mail:  EleanorStover@ymail.com
Club Website:  www.Whirlers.SquareDanceMissouri.com

Eureka,  MissouriDate of Information:  1/3/11
Meramec Valley Promenaders
Contact:  Leonard & Shirley Brautigam
Phone:  636.583.5694
Club Website:  www.Valley.SquareDanceMissouri.com

Festus,  MissouriDate of Information:  8/11/10
Jefferson County Squares
Contact:  John & Bev Stuart
Phone:  636.937.0007
E-Mail:  SQDance@tjs.org
Club Website:  www.JeffCoSqs.com

Florissant,  MissouriDate of Information:  4/7/08
Missouri Promenaders
Contact:  Jerry & Joyce Chancey
Phone:  314.839.2134
E-Mail:  TwoSteppers@sbcglobal.net
Club Website:  www.Wheelers.SquareDanceMissouri.com

Harrisonville,  MissouriDate of Information:  9/22/09
Hoot 'N' Holler
Contact:  Larry & Jan Anslinger
Phone:  816.380.5137
Club Website:  www.Hoot.WeSquareDance.com

Higginsville,  MissouriDate of Information:  9/22/09
Spinnin' Wheels
Contact:  Steve & Pat Higgins
Phone:  660.429.6911
Club Website:  www.SpinninWheels.WeSquareDance.com

Independence,  MissouriDate of Information:  11/30/08
B-Tweens Square Dance Club
Contact:  Ralph & Hazel Shineman
Phone:  816.254.3421
Club Website:  www.B-Tweens.WeSquareDance.com

Independence,  MissouriDate of Information:  02/12/11
Santa Fe Trailers
Contact:  Bob & Shirley Stock
Phone:  816761.8997
E-Mail:  BobStock55@yahoo.com
Club Website:  www.Trailers.WeSquareDance.com

Ironton,  MissouriDate of Information:  12/3/10
Arcadia Valley Do-Si-Do's
Contact:  Ken & Jan Reever
Phone:  573.546.3252
Club Website:  www.Arcadia.SquareDanceMissouri.com

Jefferson City,  MissouriDate of Information:  11/11/10
Capital City Squares
Contact:  Bob & Ruth Wheeler
Phone:  573.896.8775
E-Mail:  TwoWheel125@aol.com
Club Website:  www.Capital.SquareDanceMissouri.com

Joplin,  MissouriDate of Information:  1/16/09
Jasper Eagle Squares
Contact:  Kenny & Betty Smith
Phone:  417.642.5517
E-Mail:  bSmith@ckt.net
Club Website:  www.Jasper.SquareDanceMissouri.com

Joplin,  MissouriDate of Information:  2/11/10
Ozark Camper Dancers Chapter #118
Contact:  Dave & Mary Lou Marti
Phone:  660.885.1455
E-Mail:  ddmmlm@hotmail.com
Club Website:  www.Camper.SquareDanceMissouri.com

Joplin,  MissouriDate of Information:  12/1/10
Western Twirlers
Contact:  Wayne & Doris Donham
Phone:  417.649.7828
E-Mail:  Donham@att.net
Club Website:  www.Western.SquareDanceMissouri.com

Joplin,  MissouriDate of Information:  11/11/07
Wheel-Around Squares
Contact:  Billy Castleberry
Phone:  417.782.0158
E-Mail:  MaryMaryC@juno.com
Club Website:  www.WheelSquare.SquareDanceMissouri.com

Kansas City,  MissouriDate of Information:  12/27/08
B-N-R Squares
Contact:  Lynn Nelson
Phone:  913.299.0717
E-Mail:  Lynn@WeSquareDance.com
Club Website:  www.BNR.WeSquareDance.com

Kansas City,  MissouriDate of Information:  11/30/08
Jacks 'N' Queens
Contact:  Jim & Mary Maxwell
Phone:  816.966.8081
Club Website:  www.Jacks.WeSquareDance.com

Kansas City,  MissouriDate of Information:  6/17/04
KC Jim Dandys
Contact:  Fred & Irene Price
Phone:  816.554.2274
Club Website:  www.Dandys.WeSquareDance.com

Kansas City,  MissouriDate of Information:  11/30/08
Pistols 'N' Petticoats
Contact:  Jay Krebs
Phone:  816.358.5070
E-Mail:  BlueJ816@swbell.net
Club Website:  www.Pistols.WeSquareDance.com

Kansas City,  MissouriDate of Information:  11/13/07
Sho Me Squares
Contact:  Bruce Hayes
Phone:  816.960.3505, Cell: 816.898.2037
E-Mail:  sHomeKC@juno.com
Club Website:  www.iagsdc.org/shome

Kansas City,  MissouriDate of Information:  02/12/11
Silver Dollar Squares
Contact:  Mary Miller
Phone:  816.229.1304
E-Mail:  mrymil4@aol.com
Club Website:  www.SilverDollar.WeSquareDance.com

Kansas City,  MissouriDate of Information:  11/30/08
Contact:  Don & Shirley Strange
Phone:  816.781.8425
Club Website:  www.Swangers.WeSquareDance.com

Kansas City,  MissouriDate of Information:  9/22/09
Trick Trackers
Contact:  Jess & Crystal Todd
Phone:  816.461.6764
Club Website:  www.Trackers.WeSquareDance.com

Kansas City,  MissouriDate of Information:  02/12/11
Unicorn Squares
Contact:  Reta Graf
Phone:  816.587.1513
E-Mail:  retagraf@wmconnect.com
Club Website:  www.Unicorn.WeSquareDance.com

Kansas City North,  MissouriDate of Information:  02/12/11
Greg's Gang
Contact:  Greg Edison
Phone:  816.813.4628
E-Mail:  greg@gregedison.com
Club Website:  www.Greg.WeSquareDance.com

Kansas City North,  MissouriDate of Information:  02/12/11
Greg's Mainstream Gang
Contact:  Greg Edison
Phone:  816.813.4628
E-Mail:  greg@gregedison.com
Club Website:  www.MainstreamGang.WeSquareDance.com

Kansas City North,  MissouriDate of Information:  1/26/10
Shadow Casters
Contact:  Greg Edison
Phone:  816.813.4628
E-Mail:  greg@gregedison.com
Club Website:  www.Shadow.WeSquareDance.com

Kearney,  MissouriDate of Information:  02/12/11
Shooting Stars
Contact:  Charlie & Gina Baker
Phone:  816.296.3779
E-Mail:  cbgina@centurytel.net
Club Website:  www.ShootingStars.WeSquareDance.com

Kirkwood,  MissouriDate of Information:  1/3/11
Country Squares
Contact:  Doug & Rita Dreisewerd
Phone:  636.532.2019
Club Website:  www.Country.SquareDanceMissouri.com

Kirkwood,  MissouriDate of Information:  1/3/11
Rafter Rockers
Contact:  Don & Betty Umbright
Phone:  Cell: 314.620.7313, 314.960.4428
Club Website:  www.Rockers.SquareDanceMissouri.com

Laurie,  MissouriDate of Information:  05/25/2011
Millstone Wheelers
Contact:  Chi & Judy Oostendorf
Phone:  573-374-2261
E-Mail:  chicnjudy@onemain.com
Club Website:  www.Wheelers.SquareDanceMissouri.com

Laurie,  MissouriDate of Information:  05/25/2011
Ozark Zig Zags
Contact:  Bill & Anita Kling
Phone:  573-378-4524
E-Mail:  abkling@planetsos.com
Club Website:  www.OzarkZigZags.SquareDanceMissouri.com

Lewistown,  MissouriDate of Information:  11/8/10
Country Squares
Contact:  Dave & Ann Roush
Phone:  660.423.5131, Cell: 573.248.5805
E-Mail:  DRoush@MarkTwain.net
Club Website:  www.CountrySquares.SquareDanceMissouri.com

Lexington,  MissouriDate of Information:  1/25/10
River City Squares
Contact:  Don Dietzel
Phone:  816.353.4036
Club Website:  www.RiverCity.WeSquareDance.com

Liberty,  MissouriDate of Information:  11/30/08
Do Si Doers
Contact:  Leonare & Charlene Severn
Phone:  816.431.6341
Club Website:  www.Do-Si-Doers.WeSquareDance.com

Liberty,  MissouriDate of Information:  06/12/11
Contact:  Steve & Adyline Christensen
Phone:  816.628-4921
E-Mail:  adylines@embarqmail.com
Club Website:  www.Ramblers.WeSquareDance.com

Macon,  MissouriDate of Information:  8/17/10
Beaux & Belles
Contact:  George & Cleva Roth
Phone:  660.395.61222, Cell 660.415.7902
E-Mail:  gcRoth@svalley.net
Club Website:  www.Belles.SquareDanceMissouri.com

Maysville,  MissouriDate of Information:  02/12/11
Maysville Wranglers
Contact:  Eldon & Connie Graham
Phone:  660.783.2011
E-Mail:  eldon_Graham2000@yahoo.com
Club Website:  www.Wranglers.SquareDanceMissouri.com

Moberly,  MissouriDate of Information:  9/20/10
Little Dixie Squares
Contact:  Nancy Wheeler
Phone:  660.263.5482
E-Mail:  msDarwent@gmail.com
Club Website:  www.Dixie.SquareDanceMissouri.com

Neosho,  MissouriDate of Information:  10/24/08
Lost Creek Promenaders
Contact:  Bob James
Phone:  417.624.9837
Club Website:  www.Lost.SquareDanceMissouri.com

Nevada,  MissouriDate of Information:  2/17/10
Mo-Kan Squares
Contact:  Tom & Grace Harold - President
Phone:  417.465.2241
Club Website:  www.Mo-Kan.SquareDanceMissouri.com

Nixa,  MissouriDate of Information:  11/11/07
Trail Blazers
Contact:  Kenton & Karen Sullivan
Phone:  417.537.8658
Club Website:  www.Trailblazers.SquareDanceMissouri.com

Odessa,  MissouriDate of Information:  02/12/11
Bee Squares
Contact:  Richard & Betty Ring
Phone:  816.633.4459
Club Website:  www.Bee.WeSquareDance.com

Ozark,  MissouriDate of Information:  11/10/07
Contact:  Jerry Ellis
Phone:  417.865.0349
E-Mail:  EEllis5641@aol.com
Club Website:  www.Hi-HashersAdvance.SquareDanceMissouri.com

Poplar Bluff,  MissouriDate of Information:  1/16/09
Bluff City Twirlers
Contact:  wayne & Betty O'Neal
Phone:  573.328.4456
Club Website:  www.Bluff.SquareDanceMissouri.com

Puxico,  MissouriDate of Information:  9/11/10
Puxico Country Squares
Contact:  Larry and Sharon Crisel
Phone:  573.222.6137
E-Mail:  Crisel@dishmail.net
Club Website:  www.Puxico.SquareDanceMissouri.com

Raytown (Kansas City),  MissouriDate of Information:  02/12/11
Contact:  Louise Coleman
Phone:  816.880.0713
E-Mail:  ncoleman5@kc.rr.com
Club Website:  www.Crosstrailers.WeSquareDance.com

Raytown (Kansas City),  MissouriDate of Information:  9/22/09
Single Promenaders
Contact:  Ralph Morast
Phone:  816.737.5185
E-Mail:  ralmorsr@netzero.com
Club Website:  www.Promenaders.WeSquareDance.com

Richland,  MissouriDate of Information:  05/25/2011
Twilight Twirlers
Contact:  James & Fran Brackett
Phone:  573.765.3464
E-Mail:  BobnFaye@charter.net
Club Website:  www.Twilight.SquareDanceMissouri.com

Rolla,  MissouriDate of Information:  11/2/09
Duck 'N' Dive
Contact:  Mack & Carol Rodman
Phone:  573.364.8244
E-Mail:  Rodman@RollaNet.org
Club Website:  www.Duck.SquareDanceMissouri.com

Saint Louis,  MissouriDate of Information:  1/3/11
Ladies Mainstream
Contact:  Bob McQuie
Phone:  314.531.1307
Club Website:  www.Ladies.SquareDanceMissouri.com

Saint Louis,  MissouriDate of Information:  02/12/11
Merry Mixers
Contact:  Dixie Fehrmann-Lohse
Phone:  314.647.7827
Club Website:  www.Mixers.SquareDanceMissouri.com

Savannah,  MissouriDate of Information:  5/19/10
Savannah Sashayers
Contact:  Jeannie Woodbury
Phone:  816.238.0781
E-Mail:  JohnARoberts@StJoeLive.com
Club Website:  www.Savannah.SquareDanceMissouri.com

Sedalia,  MissouriDate of Information:  10/15/10
Diamond B's
Contact:  Larry Butler
Phone:  660.827.1534
E-Mail:  LButler@direcway.com
Club Website:  www.Diamond.SquareDanceMissouri.com

Springfield,  MissouriDate of Information:  11/10/07
Contact:  Jerry Ellis
Phone:  417.865.0349
E-Mail:  EEllis5641@aol.com
Club Website:  www.Hi-HashersPlus.SquareDanceMissouri.com

Springfield,  MissouriDate of Information:  12/12/08
Kountry Kuzins
Contact:  Sharon White - Club President
Phone:  417.848.2459
E-Mail:  Redd_44@hotmail.com
Club Website:  www.Kuzins.SquareDanceMissouri.com

Springfield,  MissouriDate of Information:  1/2/09
Contact:  Don and Jo Ann Miller
Phone:  417.881.7178
E-Mail:  Don-Wood@hotmail.com
Club Website:  www.Rangers.SquareDanceMissouri.com

St. Charles,  MissouriDate of Information:  02/12/11
St. Peters Squares
Contact:  Hershel & Carolyn Jenkins
Phone:  636.978.6857
Club Website:  www.StPetersSquares.com

St. Charles,  MissouriDate of Information:  02/12/11
Wheelers & Dealers
Contact:  Harvey Lindhardt
Phone:  636.978.3505
E-Mail:  mjlhll@gmail.com
Club Website:  www.SquareDanceStCharles.com

St. Joseph,  MissouriDate of Information:  10/5/09
St. Joe Squares
Contact:  Chris Wildhagen
Phone:  816.233.0051
E-Mail:  Chris.Wildhagen@yahoo.com
Club Website:  www.StJoe.WeSquareDance.com

St. Louis,  MissouriDate of Information:  11/9/10
St. Louis Challenge
Contact:  Charley & Barb Marbut
Phone:  618.664.3110
E-Mail:  cMarbut@NewWaveComm.net
Club Website:  www.StLouisChallenge.SquareDanceMissouri.com

St. Louis,  MissouriDate of Information:  3/13/10
St. Louis Zig Zag's
Contact:  Charley & Barb Marbut
Phone:  618.664.3110
Club Website:  www.StLouisZigZags.SquareDanceMissouri.com

St. Robert,  MissouriDate of Information:  05/25/2011
Contact:  Randy & Trixi Yocum
Phone:  573-774-4927
E-Mail:  trizi3kids@earthlink.net
Club Website:  www.Travelers.SquareDanceMissouri.com

Trenton,  MissouriDate of Information:  10/24/08
Trenton T-Squares
Contact:  Ralph & Sarah Merservey
Phone:  660.639.2261
Club Website:  www.Trenton.SquareDanceMissouri.com

Warsaw,  MissouriDate of Information:  9/11/10
Damsite Dancers
Contact:  Terrell & Mary Lee McConnell
Phone:  660.438.7642
E-Mail:  TMMcConn@cfo.org
Club Website:  www.Damsite.SquareDanceMissouri.com

Webster Groves,  MissouriDate of Information:  1/3/11
Singles & Doubles
Contact:  Don Kramme
Phone:  636.225.5378
E-Mail:  Kramme357@cs.com
Club Website:  www.Singles.SquareDanceMissouri.com

West Plains,  MissouriDate of Information:  8/25/10
Western Grand Squares
Contact:  Raymond Fine
Phone:  417.256.2080
E-Mail:  Consov@townsqr.com
Club Website:  www.WesternGrand.SquareDanceMissouri.com

Wheatland,  MissouriDate of Information:  1/17/09
Contact:  Gene & Barbara Holtegrewe
Phone:  417.646.8584
Club Website:  www.Pommenaders.SquareDanceMissouri.com


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