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Atchison,  KansasDate of Information:  2/5/09
Riverbend Promenaders
Contact:  Glenn & Patti Steele
Phone:  816.364.6683
E-Mail:  pSteele63@yahoo.com
Club Website:  www.Riverbend.WeSquareDance.com

Emporia,  KansasDate of Information:  03/02/2011
Bluestem Swingers
Contact:  Kerry & Ulli Wallace
Phone:  620.366.1516
E-Mail:  ReebleMonuments@gmail.com
Club Website:  www.Bluestem.WeSquareDance.com

Emporia,  KansasDate of Information:  2/9/09
DJ's Plus
Contact:  Dale Stead
Phone:  316.342.8480
E-Mail:  djsEmporia@aol.com
Club Website:  www.DJS.WeSquareDance.com

Gardner,  KansasDate of Information:  7/30/10
Docey Dandies
Contact:  Rob & Mary Jochem
Phone:  913.449.1922
E-Mail:  GardnerSQdance@aol.com
Club Website:  www.Dandies.WeSquareDance.com

Hutchinson,  KansasDate of Information:  9/29/10
State Fair Promenaders
Contact:  Lynn & Barb Darcey
Phone:  316.283.6652
E-Mail:  lbDarcey@southwind.net
Club Website:  www.StateFair.WeSquareDance.com

Lawrence,  KansasDate of Information:  1/7/10
Happy Time Squares
Contact:  President: Bob & Rosalee Rainbolt
Phone:  785.842.9799
E-Mail:  hts@sunflower.com
Club Website:  www.HappyTimeSquares.com

Mission,  KansasDate of Information:  11/9/10
KC Whirl-Aways
Contact:  Jim Wright
Phone:  913.642.2219
E-Mail:  info@kcwhirlaways.org
Club Website:  www.Whirl.wesquaredance.com

Mission,  KansasDate of Information:  02/12/11
Kansas City Plus
Contact:  Dana Schirmer
Phone:  785.554.7221
E-Mail:  schirmerdj@aol.com
Club Website:  www.Kapers.WeSquareDance.com

Mission,  KansasDate of Information:  6/25/10
Shoal Creek Critters
Contact:  Carolyn Goucher
Phone:  816.510.7696
E-Mail:  fGoucher@kc.rr.com
Club Website:  www.Critters.WeSquareDance.com

Newton,  KansasDate of Information:  02/24/2011
Circle Eight
Contact:  Bob & Sandy McVey
Phone:  620-983-2929
E-Mail:  sandymcvey@hotmail.com
Club Website:  www.newtoncircle8.com

Osawatomie,  KansasDate of Information:  7/28/10
Frontier Twirlers
Contact:  Jim & Hazel Gillette
Phone:  913.294.2926
E-Mail:  JimlHazelm@cebridge.net
Club Website:  www.Twirlers.WeSquareDance.com

Ottawa,  KansasDate of Information:  2/5/10
Ottawa Promenaders
Contact:  Ralph & Joy Basel
Phone:  785.746.5770
E-Mail:  jnrBasel@weblink2000.net
Club Website:  www.OttawaPromenaders.WeSquareDance.com

Ottawa,  KansasDate of Information:  3/15/09
Pioneer Plus Club
Contact:  Vic Perry
Phone:  785.843.4973
E-Mail:  VicCaller@aol.com
Club Website:  www.Pioneer.WeSquareDance.com

Ottawa,  KansasDate of Information:  6/1/10
TNT Plus
Contact:  Donna Davis-Smith
Phone:  785.242.6833
E-Mail:  DonnaDavisSmith@yahoo.com
Club Website:  www.TNT.WeSquareDance.com

Overland Park,  KansasDate of Information:  08/05/2011
Contact:  Steve Hackman
Phone:  402.578.4623
E-Mail:  SqDnCaller@kc.rr.com
Club Website:  www.Chiks.WeSquareDance.com

Overland Park,  KansasDate of Information:  12/16/09
Contact:  Phyllis Howell
Phone:  913.649.7394
Club Website:  www.Mustangs.WeSquareDance.com

Prairie Village,  KansasDate of Information:  11/30/08
Big O's
Contact:  Bill & Helen Scott
Phone:  913.557.2232
Club Website:  www.BigOs.WeSquareDance.com

Prairie Village,  KansasDate of Information:  9/22/09
Sunflower Squares
Contact:  Jerry & Gail Ward
Phone:  913.648.2386
Club Website:  www.SunflowerSquares.com

Prairie Village,  KansasDate of Information:  6/18/09
Top Railers
Contact:  Jim & Conna Gish
Phone:  913.287.1975
Club Website:  www.TopRailers.WeSquareDance.com

Seneca,  KansasDate of Information:  9/18/10
Seneca Squares
Contact:  Virgil & Marilee Deters
Phone:  785.336.6644
Club Website:  www.Seneca.WeSquareDance.com

Shawnee,  KansasDate of Information:  02/12/11
Swingin' Singles
Contact:  Billy Justus
Phone:  816.560.1614
Club Website:  www.Singles.WeSquareDance.com

Tecumseh (Topeka),  KansasDate of Information:  7/28/10
Kuntry Kuzzins
Contact:  Gloria Ruddy
Phone:  785.272.6770
Club Website:  www.Kuzzins.WeSquareDance.com

Tecumseh (Topeka),  KansasDate of Information:  2/9/09
Monday Night Workshop
Contact:  Virginia Yerta
Phone:  785.836.7466
E-Mail:  VYerta@juno.com
Club Website:  www.Workshop.WeSquareDance.com

Tecumseh (Topeka),  KansasDate of Information:  5/31/10
Shawnee Swingers
Contact:  Arliss Douglass
Phone:  785.246.3903
Club Website:  www.Shawnee.WeSquareDance.com

Tecumseh (Topeka),  KansasDate of Information:  2/9/09
Strato Jets
Contact:  Leland & Carol Kimball
Phone:  785.272.4323
Club Website:  www.Jets.WeSquareDance.com

Tecumseh (Topeka),  KansasDate of Information:  11/10/09
Swinging Squares
Contact:  Ken & Margaret Boughton
Phone:  785.862.9225
E-Mail:  ktmlb@cox.net
Club Website:  www.Swing.WeSquareDance.com

Tecumseh (Topeka),  KansasDate of Information:  7/28/10
Top-Kan Twirlers
Contact:  Tom & Linda Grindol
Phone:  785.246.3589
Club Website:  www.TopKan.WeSquareDance.com

Tecumseh (Topeka),  KansasDate of Information:  3/17/09
Wheatheart Squares
Contact:  Ralph & Deb Vickers
Phone:  785.749.9577
E-Mail:  vicblthndr@aol.com
Club Website:  www.Wheatheart.WeSquareDance.com

Topeka,  KansasDate of Information:  2/9/09
Cap-Teen Squares & Family
Contact:  Alyse Gordon
Phone:  785.969.1214
Club Website:  www.Cap-Teen.WeSquareDance.com

Topeka,  KansasDate of Information:  5/1/09
Plus Squares Workshop
Contact:  Dana Shirmer
Phone:  785.836.3028
E-Mail:  Dana@WeSquareDance.com
Club Website:  www.PlusSquares.WeSquareDance.com


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